Community Projects

Do you know of a great Community Project or Housing Initiative around Mount Barker? We'd like to hear from you. Check out the projects we're involved with that are currently open for collaboration or are under way.


St Ives Caravan & Camping Facilities

Adjacent to JAK'EM FARM four wheel drive course & ELECTRIC FIELDS off-road e-motorcycle trial track


Mount Barker Small Business & Study Hub Viability Test

our office receives regular enquiry for affordable office space in a vibrant and social setting 


Renewal SA - affordable housing for individuals in the South Eastern Adelaide Hills

There are currently 712 residential housing assets owned by the State Government in the South Eastern Adelaide Hills. These are predominantly offered to the general public through Housing SA offices as long term rental homes for as little as $90 per week. Applications for these homes are not required to meet a criteria and the tenant selection process has no basis, so it is not possible to assess when an Applicant will have housing made available for them. Comparable entry-level rental homes available in the marketplace are priced at around $300 per week.We recognise that this approach to entry-level housing is fostering inequity in our local housing market.  Renewal SA is reviewing the productivity of their entry-level housing initiatives and the availability of supported accommodation, in an attempt to make basic housing more accessible to those who need it, when they need it. 





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