Property Management


ready, set....rental home goal kicked!

Our Agency is leasing weeks ahead of self-managing Landlords & many other real estate agencies.

There is more to property management than managing leasing & tenancies —  It has the potential to make better lives for Landlords.

With a small portfolio of around 50 rental homes under our management, we experience 0% rent arrears from Adelaide Hills Tenants and are pleased to tell you that the Tenants we are dealing with are doing an outstanding job maintaining their homes during their tenancies. 

Exceptional property management provides peace of mind & healthy financial returns for property investors. For many individuals and families, choosing to deal with a Real Estate Agency Principal, who understands and is invested in their success could make or break the chance of them reaching that retirement plan while it can still be enjoyed. Mount Barker Property Managers support Landlords and Tenants to make decisions that will get them closer to their goals, sooner.

There are many property management providers operating throughout Adelaide. Our Agency exclusively looks after the South Eastern Adelaide Hills and can offer these benefits:

  • small boutique agency offers personalised service and dedication
  • up-to-date rental market knowledge ensures rents are priced correctly
  • equipped with efficient technology and techniques to maximise income
  • focused and system based management reduces risk to property owner
  • advertising campaigns that attract suitable tenant in shortest timeframe

Real estate services are the basis of growing wealth & financial security for property investors....but it does take good faith, good decision making and a good Property Manager to mark the success of an investment. We're asking you to consider the strength of a "Property Management Only" Agency. A team that offer energy, focus and experience and are consistently proving that nothing is more powerful.

To discuss the prospects for your rental home in the Mount Barker area, phone Holly on 0422 737 898.


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